Keeping yourself on the top of your priority list doesn’t make you selfish.
Missing out on birthday parties is completely fine because you had your submissions next day.
Not being there on all the wedding tam-jham is OK, because that client meeting was definitely more important.
Dating the guy you like is ok, if your bestfriend doesn’t like him; it’s her lookout.
Leave the man you got married to if he doesn’t know how to treat you right.
Whatever you want to do, do it. Whatever you don’t, don’t do it. Simple as that!
Do things that make you smile. Go out of the way for things that bring you alive. Don’t hesitate to do things that bring out the best in you.
Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t.
Personally I’m sick to death of being told who I can and can’t be. I take a step back from doing things that I love because I’m scared of what others may think but then you know what; FUCK them! We need to start appreciating the things we have and just enjoy life, God knows how long we have left of it.
Most of all, don’t let yourself be the person that the society builds. You can be better than that anytime.

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